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Wolfram Programming Lab uses the Wolfram programming language to create programs that introduce users to modern computational thinking. Using the Wolfram knowledge base, students can create programs that relate to their everyday experiences and interests in the real world.

Programming Lab has two components:

Explorations: small interactive activities that already contain editable code, each exploring topics of interest across multiple subject areas. Explorations let you interact with code in an immersive fashion, providing ideal points of inspiration for learners to try something on their own. 

Elementary Introduction to Wolfram Language: this interactive textbook allows students to go step-by-step and is a rich source of systematic learning and reference. 

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New Resources for the Classroom: Virtual Workshop for educators

This online workshop previewed new teacher curriculum kits and other resources using Wolfram Programming Lab. Includes a Q&A session with Wolfram and education outreach specialists. Find out more.

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