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Insight Assessment Platform: Principal Administrator Role

Level Early Years, A-D, F, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
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This tip sheet shows school principals in Victorian government schools how to change the roles of their staff between Teacher and School Administrator.
By default, principals are the Insight Assessment Administrator at their school. However, they may wish to give this role to another member of the staff, so that they can manage assessments on the Insight Assessment Platforms and lead reviews of assessment results at their school.
Some additional functions are also available, such as adding new staff and changing passwords. However, these actions should be approached with caution.

Ideas for using this resource

  • The Insight Assessment Platform (Insight) offers schools a range of assessment instruments that can be used by teachers to assess the literacy and numeracy capabilities of students, especially in the early years of school. Insight also hosts other assessment tools that can be used with students with disabilities and students with English as an additional language.

    Insight is updated with information about teachers, classes and students on a daily basis from the information contained in CASES21. All teaching staff, including principals, can access the platform using their Department User ID and password. 

    Insight Assessment Administrators  
    Insight Assessment Administrator is a specific role on Insight. While teachers are limited to managing assessments with those students in their classes on Insight, Administrators have a range of additional functions, including:
    ◾assigning assessments for students at a school on behalf of teachers
    ◾setting up ad-hoc classes and co-teachers
    ◾viewing assessment results for all students and classes in a school.   

    By default, the principal of a school is that school’s Insight Assessment Administrator. 

    Principal Administrator Role  
    Principals are now assigned to Insight as ‘Principal Administrators’, which extends functionality beyond the default Insight Administrator role. 

    Of significance is the ability to change the role of teachers at their school to Assessment Administrators. Previously, principals had to ring Service Desk to request role changes. Giving principals this ability directly will save time and allow for changes at a school level as needed in response to changes in the staffing profile of a school.

    Use the Tip Sheet available on this page to learn how to assign other staff members as Insight School Administrators.

    Caution about other functions 
    Adding New Staff  
    Principals will notice that they now may also add additional staff onto Insight. Staff profiles added by Principals will be in addition to profiles downloaded from CASES21. As such, when adding staff members, we recommend that Principals:
  • not add any staff that will be added to CASES21 at your school, as this will create duplicate profiles
  • consider what information is appropriate for a new staff member to view at your school. For example, do not give staff access to student assessment results if they do not work with those students. Consideration should be given to the school’s legal responsibilities pertaining to student privacy
  • When adding new staff, in the Local Code section, enter the staff member's DET employee ID number. Entering any other type of number or code may result in errors.

Resetting Passwords 
Principals can reset passwords for the staff at their school. We recommend that you only do this for staff profiles that you have created yourself. 

Do not reset passwords for staff that are placed on Insight through the daily CASES21 download as this will affect teachers’ ability to use the single sign on feature on Insight.  

General support information for Insight can be found at the VCAA’s Insight Assessment Platform website

For any training and professional development needs, a number of online courses are available. Go to Insight training for further details. Or, if you have individual training needs for your school, contact insight.support@edumail.vic.gov.au .  

Technical Support
For technical issues related to the Insight Assessment Platform, contact the Department's Service Desk: 

Service Gateway 
1800 641 943


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