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English As An Additional Language (EAL)

First language assessment materials

Level BL-B3 (EAL), CL-C4 (EAL)
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These materials comprise a series of reading and writing tasks of increasing complexity. As far as possible, the tasks reflect the kind of early learning experiences that students might be expected to have had, if they have previously begun to learn to read and write in another language. A range of people including Multicultural Education Aides (MEAs) have been consulted in the authentication of the materials and tasks. The target student group are newly arrived students entering Australian schools at the upper primary and secondary level who have an Arabic, Chinese, Khmer, Somali, Turkish or Vietnamese language background.

Ideas for using this resource

These materials can give teachers an indication about whether a student has begun the process of learning to read and write in another language to support with identifying their learning needs in the Australian classroom.

Further details on the different language backgrounds, how to conduct the assessments and record the results are included within the booklet.

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