English As An Additional Language (EAL)

Beginning EAL secondary support material

Level CL-C4 (EAL)
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Support material for teachers of newly arrived secondary students learning English as an additional language. Each unit provides learning outcomes likely from the topic, a list of functions and language structures, a vocabulary list  and references to other resources and materials that provide additional activities or information about the topic. Worksheets can be photocopied or adapted for use. Information about how to use worksheets is provided.

Units of work:

  • Unit 1 Time
  • Unit 2 Personal identification
  • Unit 3 Body and health
  • Unit 4 The classroom 

Ideas for using this resource

This material will be useful for teachers in mainstream classes who may be unfamiliar with the needs of EAL learners new to learning English, EAL teachers and literacy co-ordinators who may be given responsibility for assisting newly arrived students in schools. The worksheets are designed to be used with extensive oral work and discussion.

You can access more information regarding supporting newly arrived students from the Department of Education and Training website.

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