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A Positive Climate for Learning: Canterbury PS Maker Festival

Level F, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
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In this case study about a student-led event, Canterbury PS students organised a Maker Festival for students and teachers from local schools. Students learned about new technologies in the weeks leading up to the festival and took the lead in developing workshops for visitors. Read how student voice, agency and leadership empowered the students and built understanding.

This case study is an example of:

  • High Impact Teaching Strategy: Collaborative Learning
  • Practice Principle Three: Student voice, agency and leadership empower students and build school pride

Ideas for using this resource

  • In this case study, students are described as being able “to articulate that hands-on learning helped them learn things ‘better than just reading things out of a book or watching it online’. They also recognised how important it was for kids to teach each other because it helps build their confidence.” Why is hands-on learning better, or different, than book-driven learning?
  • Read this case study in conjunction with the video "Maker Festival - Canterbury Primary School” . Why not give your students a similar opportunity in a productive and supportive learning environment?

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