School canteen: best buy: level 2

Level 7, 8
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Buy supplies online for a school canteen. Purchase given amounts of items such as bottles of orange juice and boxes of sultanas. Notice that the unit prices are different for packs of different sizes. In this level, perform slightly harder calculations to work out how many packs you will need, and which available pack size will be the cheapest. For example, in order to purchase 200 boxes of sultanas (available in packs of 10 for $2.60, packs of 25 for $6.75 or packs of 50 for $12.80), how many packs will you need and which will be the cheapest option? Complete the shopping list and calculate the total cost. This learning object is the fourth in a series of eight objects that progressively increase in difficulty.

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Complete this activity after trying School canteen: best buy: level 1.

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