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GOOGLE CLASSROOM - from the Google Teacher Education Centre.

Welcome to your first day of Google Classroom

Brand new to Google Classroom but don't know exactly where to start? Here's a bunch of quick tutorials with instructions to get you started.

Ideas for using this resource

G Suite is one of the main collaboration and sharing platforms used in Victorian schools. Your school may have deployed its own local version or may be using the Department-provided version of either of these products.

If you have a school version, your students should be familiar with their logins and passwords that they use on a daily basis. Confirm with your school ICT technician if required.

If you use the Department version of G Suite, students will access the software with their eduPass login (username@schools.vic.gov.au). Staff will access the software using their @edumail or @education email address (username@education.vic.gov.au OR username@edumail.vic.gov.au).

The Department’s G Suite application is available here:

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