Finding the Ball

Level F, 1, 2
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Al and Poly are in the park playing fetch with the ball. Will Poly find the ball when it goes missing?

Poly’s mathematical interest in shape is explored in this episode with a focus on two dimensional (2D) shapes and three dimensional (3D) objects.

Watch the episode all the way through first. 

If you would like to pause at different times to talk with your child about what they notice about the shapes and objects presented, watch the longer play version of the video at the link at More Information. It signals pause points and presents prompts and questions. It also suggests activities you may like to explore after watching the episode.


Ideas for using this resource

Mathematical reasoning is fostered through analysing the 3D objects by comparing and contrasting the geometric properties of the objects.

After watching the episode, you may like to:

  • Continue to talk about shapes and their properties (e.g. number of corners, sides – with or without equal lengths).
  • Look for objects around you that share the properties of the objects shown in the episode. Compare and contrast them. Ask: What makes the shapes or objects similar? What makes the shapes or objects different?
  • Sort objects around your home by their different properties (e.g. straight edges, curved surface, one corner, etc.)
  • Take turns with your child to close your eyes, hold a 3D object, and describe its features. 

Key words: Sphere, circle, round, cylinder, flat, curved, straight, face, edge.
Key ideas: What makes shapes alike and different are their geometric properties. 

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