Buying a Dog Coat

Level F, 1, 2
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Al and Prime go shopping for a new dog coat. Will they have enough money to buy a coat for Prime to wear in winter?

Watch the episode all the way through first. 

If you would like to pause at different times to talk with your child about what they notice about the addition and subtraction of money, watch the longer play version of the video at the link at More Information. It signals pause points and presents prompts and questions. It also suggests activities you may like to explore after watching the episode. 

Ideas for using this resource

Other ideas to explore

This episode focuses on money and financial mathematics. While watching the episode, support your children to identify the equivalent values in collections of coins or notes. As your child gains experience with money, introduce coins of smaller values (5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, and 50 cents).

The episode also explores addition and subtraction of money. Using real money if possible, support your child to add different amounts of money. 

After watching the episode, you might like to talk about the following (using real money if possible to support your child to experience notes and coins):

  • $7 was shown in the animation as a $5 dollar note and a $2 dollar coin - what other coins could Al and Prime have used to pay for the coat?
  • Using the note and the coins Al and Prime had, imagine that you want to buy something that costs $6, what could use
  • Imagine that you want to buy something that costs $9, what could you use? 

Key words:  Money, notes, dollars, coins, how much, save.
Key ideas: Notice the size of the coin does not determine its value - a $1 coin is larger than a $2, but the $2 holds twice the value of the $1 coin.



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