Page to Stage

Level 9, 10
Copy & Change
From inspiration to performance, Page to Stage offers you all the resources you need to create an engaging and professional theatre event. For once, you don’t have to know everything! Featuring practical advice, hands-on virtual design spaces and insightful video interviews with professional designers, Page to Stage takes you behind the footlights and challenges you to find your own place on centre-stage.

Ideas for using this resource

Page to Stage has many applications in the classroom, from a single lesson to an entire semester of possibilities, depending on your requirements. It is a teacher-guided resource for secondary students that lay foundations for VCE Drama and Theatre Studies. Page to Stage focuses upon ‘Playbuilding’ and ‘Stagecraft’ as opposed to acting techniques or directing. Teachers are encouraged to maintain the skills at the core of their drama program and manage, mediate and challenge students on the Page to Stage journey. Do you have students in small working teams, developing short, group-devised performances? As well as performing, each member of the working group commits to a secondary responsibility, working collaboratively within the group to bring the performance to the stage. It offers an alternative curriculum for students who may favour design over performance. Challenge groups of students to collaborate in design teams. Use a specific digital design tool in a class exercise, asking each student for their individual interpretation of the text being performed. If a class is examining a particular discipline (Lighting Design, Costume Design, Promotions), Page to Stage offers resources designed specifically for students to explore the key skills and apply it to their individual projects. Page to Stage also offers guidance to all educational disciplines that may employ role-play, improvisation, theatre skills and design in their learning area.

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