ACMI Story Monster

Level F, 1, 2, 3, 4
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Design your own hungry monster who loves to gobble up words, and then train it to eat well-structured sentences to create an animation. This fun, online literacy game combines gameplay and storytelling to develop reading, writing and screen literacy skills.

Ideas for using this resource

Play this game to develop screen literacy and writing skills. Learn about genre by identifying characteristics of fantasy, adventure or sci-fi films in the different levels of the game. Then, consider what other places, characters and events might be found in a fantasy, adventure or sci-fi film. Think about what visual and sound elements have been added to make the animation more interesting, funny or surprising. After you have finished playing the game, create a story about your monster. What are some of the crazy things it does? What is it thinking? Does it have any monster friends? Turn your story in to an animation, by sculpting your monster out of plasticine and making your own stop motion animation. For helpful animation tips, check out this ACMI video. For more activity ideas, check out the Story Monster Education Resource Kit.

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