Wolfram Mathematica Skills PD virtual training program 2017

Level 10, VCE
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These video sessions give participants the skills required to tackle all required Mathematics for VCE Mathematical Methods Units 1-4. You will be shown how to use the software to answer exam-style questions, how to introduce Mathematica to beginning students, and how to create worksheets in Wolfram Mathematica for your students to use.

  • Session 1. Wolfram Mathematica Basics
  • Session 2. Wolfram Mathematica Basics +
  • Session 3. Variables. Manipulation of data, table creation and usage
  • Session 4. Creating Wolfram Mathematica worksheets to use in the classroom
  • Session 5. Statistics and Probability in Wolfram Mathematica
  • Session 6. Enhanced Wolfram Mathematica usage and participant presentations

Presented by Lisa Pizzol, Jen Palisse and Luke Bohni - John Monash Science School

Ideas for using this resource

These Wolfram resources can be used as a basis for flipped learning with VCE Maths Methods.

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