STEM by Design

Level 7, 8, 9, 10, VCE
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STEM by Design  was developed by DATTA Vic and Northcote High School, with support from the Department of Education and Training's Strategic Partnership Program. It is a range of STEM resources addressing the United Nations Sustainability Goals and based on the Design Process/Design-Based Learning. 

The results feature a range of Teacher PresentationsStudent Booklets and Understanding by Design (UBD) Frameworks for the following topics:

  • Design & Technologies and Digital Technologies (Become a UN Champion) [Year 7/8]
  • Design & Technologies (Future Cities/Climate Change) [Year 7/8]
  • Digital Technologies (Creating a Home Network) [Year 9/10]
  • Health and Physical Education (Biomechanics) [Year 9/10]
  • Mathematics (Modelling) [Year 9/10]
  • Science (Flight) [Year 7/8]
  • Visual Arts (The Art of Health) [Year 9/10]

Click HERE for the UN Sustainabilty Goals

Ideas for using this resource

These resources are ideal for schools who wish to explore STEM teaching and learning, and are looking for ways to deliver cross-curricular, project-based learning opportunities which attempt to solve real world problems.

The teacher presentations and student booklets are in PowerPoint and the frameworks are word documents, so that they can be adapted to suit your own classes. However, we would ask that you do not remove the Titles and logos.

The UBD Documents all offer relevant curriculum links, year levels and timetabling guides. 

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