Mathematica Pedagogy PD virtual training program 2017

Level 10, VCE
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This set of four video lessons are designed to demonstrate how CAS (Mathematica) can be used to introduce and explore complex mathematical ideas. Activities will be designed in such a way that will encourage student-centred learning. Sample activities and corresponding Mathematica files will be demonstrated. Participants write and share their own resources as part the course. Each video is approx 60 minutes in duration.

  • Session 1. Mathematica as an inquiry tool
  • Session 2. Designing your own Mathematica activity that encourages deep learning - a how to guide
  • Session 3. Examples of deep learning activities that you can bring back to your own classroom
  • Session 4. Presentations of educator produced lessons

Presented by Jen Palisse and Luke Bohni - John Monash Science School

  • Ideas for using this resource

    May be used as a basis for flipped learning with Maths Methods topics.

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