Little Lunch TV Series - 26 Episodes

Level 3, 4, 5, 6
Copy Ed

Little Lunch is a comedy series where every episode takes place during that highly anticipated school day break – morning snack time!

That 15 minutes when teachers are not close by, it’s just you and your friends, and schoolyard politics, rumours, competitions, mysteries, and fun. It’s all too short, but tomorrow there is always another ‘Little Lunch’ and another story to be re-told.

Each self-contained episode features:

  • Atticus, sweet, straight, nerdy and always hungry;
  • Melanie, stubborn, morally courageous, and shy;
  • Tamara, not remotely shy, excellent at sport and not afraid to keep reminding everyone;
  • Rory, naughty, distracted and so very likeable;
  • Battie the gentle, creative, daydreamer;

and last but not least…..

  • Debra-Jo, smart, ambitious and organised (though some would call it bossy!)

And then there is Mrs Gonsha, their teacher, with extreme patience, a generosity of spirit and the tendency to nod off in class …

Little Lunch tackles the big issues in the school playground...It’s recognisable, relatable, funny, moving, and positive. And whilst some of the issues might seem small to adults, they loom large for kids. It’s comedy with a big heart.

Find the individual English and Cross-curricular mapping attached to each episode for learning and teaching ideas.

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