Matching shapes

Level Early Years, F
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Learn how to place and orientate shapes by practising how to talk about them. What shapes can you see around you - in your house, in the yard, in your classroom? Talk about what they look like and what you can do with them with these apps and activities.

Ideas for using this resource

  • Provide access to apps about shapes that encourage children to place and orientate shapes using simple descriptive language such as ‘next to’, ‘in front of’, ‘over’ and ‘under’. They could also help the children learn to manipulate and investigate basic 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Extend the children’s interest by asking them to look at home for things that have shapes. Ask children to imagine what a shape could become: Imagine if you drew a circle. What could it become? A face? A chicken? You could encourage children to draw their ideas.
  • Encourage discussion about shapes and how different shapes used together can make new shapes. Children could use their creativity to make shapes using different art materials.
  • Read books to the children about shapes and ask them to point out different shapes in book illustrations.

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