Playing with words

Level Early Years, F
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Do you know the letters in your name? Or even the whole alphabet? Learn all about the wonderful world of words and language with these apps and activities. They will help you with letter sounds, how to write letters and words, and more.

Ideas for using this resource

In conjunction with some of the themes raised in this resource package, you may want to try some of the following games and activities:

  • Matching games
  • Sequencing games
  • Drawing games
  • Guessing games
  • Ordering games
  • Print the children’s names on cards and give them to the children. If children are not yet able to write their name they can use the cards to name their work.
  • Brainstorm words that relate to a particular subject – things that are found in the kitchen or different types of pets.
  • Create a group scrapbook for each letter of the alphabet. Encourage the children to draw or cut out images or words that start with each letter.
  • Create letters of the alphabet from different materials such as clay, cardboard, sticks and wire.
  • When children are showing interest in the written word, encourage children to try and write their name.

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