On Richard's Side

Level 10, VCE
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Filmed over three decades, On Richard’s Side charts the life-story of Richard, a young man with a complex disability since birth. The film provides intimate and poignant insights into his parents’ determined quest to establish a quality life for their son and themselves. The film provides a moving, emotional, poignant, and at times confronting insight into life with disability. It opens up one’s understanding of disability and shines a light on the quiet achievements of carers. The resources provided also include suggested tasks for teachers.

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The resources are designed for teachers to dip in and out of; it does not necessarily have to be taught in sequence nor should it be an exhaustive process of consecutive activities. Teachers are encouraged to extract tasks or activities that align with the learning and teaching in their classroom and according to the appropriateness of the activity with their particular students. The text guide can hence be used as a supplementary teaching tool or as a whole-text teaching tool.

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