- Framework for Improving Student Outcomes - Improvement Initiative -

Curriculum planning and assessment

Students and their needs are at the centre of curriculum planning and delivery. Curriculum implementation requires a shared set of values and a clear sense of purpose. It provides a framework that articulates how student learning will be organised, taught and assessed. The documented whole-school curriculum plan demonstrates how the school will implement the mandated curriculum (be it the Victorian F-10 Curriculum, VCE, VET or VCAL) and other learning experiences that will be offered. It enables all students to become confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens. Curriculum planning and assessment recognises that schools are working with a curriculum that is designed as a continuum of learning and that students can be anywhere along this continuum. Effective teachers embed relevant assessment strategies into their curriculum plan so they can monitor student learning and make adjustments to their teaching strategies as required. 

Case Studies

The following case studies are examples of how schools in Victoria are implementing the FISO dimension: Curriculum planning and assessment.