FUSE is being decommissioned and will transition to read-only mode from 31 July and will be replaced by Arc Learning in Term 4 2023.
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Collect great resources in one place

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    Add a Resource

    Create your own resources and upload to My Desk as a place to store and share files (up to 200MB).

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    Create a Package

    Create a package to build content collections on a topic or theme. Add resources from FUSE or your My Desk.

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    Add to Favourites

    Search FUSE and save resources to review or share later.


Engage users by doing more with content

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    Personalise Packages

    Get creative with packages and Add Notes to help guide users. Create resource connections, provide direction for individual students, develop learning sequences, plan with colleagues and more.

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    Make it your own

    Copy a package to your My Desk. Add, Remove, Reorder Resources and Add or Edit Notes to adapt the package for your needs.

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    Engage with users

    Spark interest in your resources by adding a Display Image to reflect the key idea, along with a clear and descriptive title. Help users quickly engage with resources by including Descriptions and Ideas for Use.


Provide resources for teaching and learning quickly and easily


    Connect with others

    Publish to FUSE to make your resources available to all.

    Share a resource link or copy the Learning ID for searching in FUSE.

    Promote your video for use in other digital applications and Share the Embed Code.

Contact Us for support with using FUSE and to share your
ideas about learning and teaching resources.