FUSE is being decommissioned and will transition to read-only mode from 31 July and will be replaced by Arc Learning in Term 4 2023.
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These activity ideas are provided for parents to use with their children at home and provide fun, stimulating activities that can be used as described or adapted and built upon as desired. 

The quality learning tasks are mostly self-directed, meaning many children can work through the tasks by themselves. They are generally open-ended and can be interpreted by children of differing ages to suit their own capabilities/strengths. Enjoy and have fun!

Fun Learning Activities to Explore...

A set of activity cards that come with a description, suggested age range and instructions (Task Card). Most are self-directed activities for children who can read. These are a great place to get you started.

Challenges and Competitions

Links to current challenges and competitions that are open and available for children to participate in. Get creative and have fun!
- Activities from the Lego Foundation -

Fun at Home with Lego

More Fun Activity Collections

These links are to curated collections of ideas and activities provided by our strategic partners and well-known organisations.
The first set of ten resources are specifically designed for the early years.

The following resources provide a wide range of activities to suit the needs and interests of children of all ages.

LIve Cam & Virtual Tours to Explore...

Just a few...for fun or rainy days!