FUSE is being decommissioned and will transition to read-only mode from 31 July and will be replaced by Arc Learning in Term 4 2023.
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- Discovery's live lab streamed to your classroom for Free! -

Virtual Discovery for Schools

Every week the Discovery team are running live online workshops where students engage, interact, and do the experiments along with our science communicator. These hands-on, interactive sessions make use of everyday materials, and if your school gets in early, Discovery will ship the necessary materials to you for free!

This program is FREE for rural and regional government primary schools across Victoria thanks to the support of the Department of Education and Training.

Foundation to Grade 2 join us 09:45-10:45 on Wednesdays

Grade 3 to Grade 6 join the fun 10:00-11:00 on Thursdays

All workshops are curriculum-aligned so check out our Fuse page for all the curriculum links.

- Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics resources for the Early Years. -

Virtual Curious Kids

Unfortunately, Discovery has had to close its doors for the moment, so we are taking our 3-5 year old's Curious Kids program online!
Each week we will run an interactive virtual Curious Kids session online, then upload the resources and video online.  You can book in to be involved in real time, find out more at www.discovery.asn.au 
- Join Dana as she covers PD for early years STEM education -

Small Science with Dana

Discovery's Dana talks about STEM in the early years in these informational videos for educators and care givers, exploring various topics from 'learning through play' to 'children asking questions.'