Effective questioning in the classroom

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This podcast features thoughts from Dylan William, Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment at University College London. Based on his research and 15 years experience as a school teacher, Dylan highlights the problems with the traditional approach of 'ask a question, hands up to answer'. What follows is a fascinating discussion that provides teachers with a wide range of techniques that teachers can draw on to enhance questions and answers in their own classroom including: setting an expectation that all students can be expected to be asked to respond to a teacher question, or can be asked to comment on something another student has said, that students have a short-term opt out signal, and that questions need to be carefully designed and planned for as part of effective classroom practice. 

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The podcast concludes with practical tips on the ways in which teachers might start to make changes to the questioning techniques they currently use. The techniques suggested in this article are not subject or year level specific, so they are suitable to different contexts without adaptation.

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