School and Early Childhood Infection Prevention and Control During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Staff in non-government schools, early childhood settings, casual relief teachers and preservice teachers should click “view” to begin this module. Staff employed by a government school with eduPay access must complete this module on LearnED and can access the module here.  To ensure you are accessing the latest information, please do not use the download button.

This module provides coronavirus (COVID-19) infection control training specifically designed for Victorian schools and early childhood settings. It will ensure that everybody working in Victorian schools and early childhood settings are provided with the facts and are aware of the precautions that can be taken to reduce the risk of transmission. We all have a role to play in keeping each other safe. This module will provide everybody with the practical strategies to be safe while at work.

This module will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. 

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Key Learning Objectives

  • identify the key risk factors for coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • implement infection prevention protocols
  • understand the different types of personal protective equipment (PPE) available and when to use them
  • learn how to protect yourselves and others from infection
  • access resources and support to protect mental health and wellbeing and to support a safe and healthy work environment.

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