Fantastic Fungi! The Sustainable Solution to Plastic Waste. An Online Teach Meet from DATTA Vic

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This Online Teach Meet from December 2022 was a partnership between DATTA Vic and the NGV. It explores how myco-cycling can tackle the problem of plastic waste - and how it's happening right here in Melbourne! 

We were joined by Amanda Morgan, founder and Head of Research and Development at the multi-award-winning Fungi Solutions, who shared how their work with this amazing natural organism diverts resources from landfill to sequester carbon, creates new materials and generates economic opportunities.

With an extensive background in prototyping, Amanda now works closely with clients at Fungi Solutions to develop refined mycelium solutions for their products. She brings expertise in innovative social and environmental programs and an enthusiasm for helping others to get involved with cultivating fungi. With initial focus on the development of a targeted recycling program, using the material by-product from the process as circular packaging, Amanda has developed a range of targeted mycelium strains for the remediation of pollutants and the production of Mycomaterials (alternatives to single use plastics, animal by-products and timber milled products). 

A great way to explore the concepts of sustainable and ethical design, professional practice, preferred futures, materials science and technologies in society.

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Professional learning for teachers of Design & Technologies and VCE Product Design & Technology.

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