Professional Practice Note 14 - Building Metacognitive Strategies

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Professional Practice Note 14 - Building Metacognitive Strategies.

PPN 14 provides advice to support teachers and school leaders with the integration of metacognitive strategies in everyday teaching. Enhancing the metacognitive skills of students aids the development of self-regulation, critical and evaluative thinking. The PPN includes examples of how using this High Impact Teaching Strategy can motivate and best equip students for success in their learning. 

For further resources and inspiration for the ways in which you can activate metacognition in your teaching practice you can access the HITS Catalogue where you will find a suite of additional information and guidance on Metacognitive Strategies.

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Professional Practice Notes provide teachers, instructional and school leaders with insights into effective whole-school and classroom practices that can be used actively to support professional learning through:
• Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and Key Learning Area teams within the school
• Communities of Practice (CoPs) and networks across a number of schools.

The full suite of Professional Practice Notes, support the ongoing implementation of improvement priorities through the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO).

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