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Albert - pathways and transitions

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Diagram showing the pathway and transition of a hypothetical student from Pathway B of the Victorian Curriculum F-10 English as an Additional Language (EAL) to the English curriculum. Information
icons in the diagram provide links to examples of annotated student work at the student's level at that point in time.

The At a glance support document explains the information provided in the diagram.

A print version of the document (without information icons or links) is also available. 


Ideas for using this resource

This resource can be used to further understanding of the information used to make decisions about student pathways and transitions against the Victorian Curriculum F-10 EAL and English. 

Teachers can use this resource as a basis for discussing what information or evidence of student work is required in their schools to determine a student's starting point on one of the EAL pathways, their progress through the pathways and, if applicable, their transition to the English curriculum.  

As well as the links directly from the document, examples of student work are available from:

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