Wellbeing, Engagement and Feedback in Remote Learning (Secondary School)

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The webinar includes insights on remote learning from Sara Tacey, a secondary English teacher from Virtual Schools Victoria. Drawing on her own approach to virtual learning, Sara provides tips and suggestions for synchronous and a/synchronous learning aligned to the VTLM pedagogical model domains of Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate.  School leaders from Vermont Secondary College provide insights into their approach to remote learning in term 2. The College focused on initially providing smaller more manageable online tasks to allow students to build familiarity with the new format and requirements. Learning design prioritised wellbeing and relationships, providing opportunities for students to reflect on their experiences in remote learning. and fun activities at the start of sessions, restating material from prior lessons, minimising talk time and getting students quickly into active learning. A phone tree was used by leadership to ensure regular contact with all teachers and opportunity to identify when further support was required.

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