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Inclusive Student Voice Toolkit

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The department has developed an Inclusive Student Voice Toolkit with Deakin University and the Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS) to support the implementation of Disability Inclusion and to complement Amplify.

The toolkit caters specifically to students who are non-speaking, and includes practice examples. The tools include a photography and visual diary, sound recording, tactile prompts with a bag of familiar objects, and place-based prompts, with students leading a guided tour of the school grounds.

Ideas for using this resource

Teachers, other school staff and parents can use the Inclusive Student Voice Toolkit to support the voice, agency and leadership of students with disability. The tools are also suitable for any student who prefers visual, audio, tactile, place or character-based prompts. 

The toolkit can be used to prepare for a Disability Inclusion Profile and beyond - for example, preparing individual education plans and curriculum planning, and any other student voice, agency and leadership activity. 

The tools can also be used at home or in the student’s community, with parents, guardians and caregivers according to the student and family’s preferences. 

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