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Languages Unit Planner: Indonesian

Level 5, 6
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In this unit, students share information about the places they went and how they got there during the holidays. They learn about particularly Indonesian forms of public transport (becak, bajaj, angkot, ojek) and consider how transport choices change over time and in different places. They observe, reproduce and adapt bargaining conversations. They read and perform a simple text about a tiger trying to travel to different locations by different modes of transport each day of the week. They then use this story as a model to create their own stories for younger students to enjoy.


Ideas for using this resource

This unit is presented as a 10-week sequence. Teachers can extend the unit to a semester-long unit with one term focussing on bargaining and one term focussing on storytelling to allow flexibility to respond to students’ needs for reinforcement of particular content or to explore areas of interest more deeply.

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