Dance L5-6: Telling a Story Through Dance

Level 5, 6
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This lesson is inspired by Australian author and illustrator, Shaun Tan’s, The Lost Thing. In The Lost Thing, a person finds a strange, animated object that seems lost and out of place. After a series of adventures, they find the place where other Lost Things roam, and it is released back into ‘the wild’.
Today we will create a dance draft or sketch based on a similar story. 
This resource will take you step by step what you need to do to create the sequence. Together with the video, you will undertake a thorough, safe dance warm up, building technical dance skills such as control, coordination, strength, alignment, endurance, balance and accuracy. You will explore dance elements and choreographic tools through improvisation, to make an original dance sequence. By making movement choices and completing the worksheet, you will reflect upon the results of your decisions and your experience today.

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