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Discovering past methods of food and fibre production: producer video

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This is a video about the native food plants of the Mount Gambier region in South Australia and how they were used by the local Buandig Aboriginal people. It is introduced by ethnobotanist and author Neville Bonney who shows a wide range of local plants, often giving their names in Bungandidj language. The plants include currant bush, golden wattle, kunzea, bulrush, succulents, wild spinach, river mint and wild celery. Bonney tells how leaves and seed pods were eaten as warm or cold vegetables, seeds were ground, roots chewed, and fibre dried for use as string or in weaving. He explains that the range of plants is determined by the conditions and by evolution and notes that some plants are now being farmed. The video lasts for 5:01 min and the final sequence shows chef Kirby Shearing preparing kangaroo rubbed with native pepper, smoked with native rosemary, and garnished with coastal saltbush, native spinach and coastal parsley.

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