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Juice Bar - Early Childhood Language Program

Level Early Years
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This suite of resources has been designed for preschool children learning in another language and is based on a story called Juice Bar.
The Juice Bar resource is available in the following languages that are represented in the Early Childhood Language Program: Arabic, Chin Hakha, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Karen, Punjabi, Spanish and Vietnamese.
The resource is also available in English for adaptation to other languages.
The animals in the story are hungry and thirsty and they go to the Juice Bar in the forest to order fruit to eat and juice to drink.
The story supports the language teachers to share with children the following in the target language: the name of various fruit, expressing hunger or thirst, expressing likes and dislikes and asking for things politely.
The resource includes an animated video in the target language as well as a printable storybook.
There is also a suite of printable resources that can be used to support further engagement with the language through games, craft, storytelling and role-play.
A Teacher Resource Guide is also included, providing practice suggestions to inspire use of the materials in a range of ways which respond to the interests of children and support language learning

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