Visiting the Dog Groomers

Level F, 1, 2
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Ada takes Chance to the Dog Groomers.  What is the chance of Chance receiving a spotted or striped bow tie today?

Watch the episode all the way through first.

If you would like to pause at different times to talk with your child about what they notice about the ideas presented, watch the longer play version of the video at the link at More Information. It signals pause points and presents prompts and questions. It also suggests activities you may like to explore after watching the episode.

Ideas for using this resource

After watching the episode, you may like to create a Lucky Dip box similar to the one in this episode by getting two red pencils and two blue pencils, asking your child to count the pencils as you put them in an empty bag or box (making sure the insides of the container cannot be seen).

  • Talk to your child about there being an equal number of each colour so the chances of getting a particular colour will be even. Ask your child to draw out the pencils several times and talk about each outcome.
  • Change the number of pencils (add or remove a red pencil) and talk about the chances of getting a red pencil now. Ask: 'Which colour pencil are you likely to draw out now? Why?'
  • Ask your child to place only red pencils in the Lucky Dip box. Ask: 'Which colour pencil are you likely to draw out now? Why?' Encourage using the words certain and impossible when it is only possible to draw out a red pencil (e.g. 'I'm certain I will draw out a red pencil. It is impossible to draw out a blue pencil.')
    Draw attention to the proportions and chances in the Lucky Dip.

Key words: likely, unlikely, maybe, certain, 50-50.

Other ideas to explore

  • Ask your child to think about other possible, likely, unlikely, certain and impossible events (for example, ask your child to look out the window and talk about whether it is likely to rain today and why they think that).
  • Talk about certain and impossible events (for example, talk about the likelihood of your child waking up tomorrow being as tall as the ceiling).
  • Support your child/ren to distinguish between likely, unlikely, even chance, certain and impossible events.

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