Sibelius: Music software

Level 7, 8, 9, 10
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All Victorian government secondary schools have been provided with access to 20 seats of Sibelius to support their music program. This video provides an overview of Sibelius software - part of the Secondary School Software Suite. Sibelius is a music notation program designed for composing, orchestrating, designing workshops and bringing the world of music notation and performance closer together for both professionals and amateur musicians.

Ideas for using this resource

For teachers:

  • provides ability to listen to student’s work across multiple instruments
  • produce music worksheets and exams
  • Worksheet Creator – allowing teachers to create aural tests, sight reading, theory and musicianship among other categories
  • provides over 1,700 projects of ready-made teaching resources suitable for all levels of music education.

For students:

  • introduces students to the concepts and conventions of music notation, and
  • gives them tools to experiment with anything from arranging music for their band to being a composer of their own virtual orchestra.

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