Visual Arts

Meet Illustrator Leigh Hobbs

Level 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
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Leigh Hobbs is an Australian children's book illustrator. Hear him talk about the books he loved as child, and how he thought about going to England to see castles, knights and dragons. Leigh describes how he loves creating characters and stories around them. He also discusses the interesting way he combines words and images in his books. We see Leigh working in his studio making pen and ink drawings. We also see inside some of Leigh’s sketchbooks and, glimpse some drawings and sketches for his current project ‘Mr Chicken goes to Rome’.

Ideas for using this resource

Watch this interview with Leigh Hobbs and think about how Leigh works and what influences his illustrations:

  • As you watch this video make a list of at least three things you learn from Leigh.
  • You might like to draw quick cartoons as well.
  • Discuss and share your ideas with each other.
  • Compare Leigh’s studio with Ron Brooks. What differences do you notice?
  • Keep these fresh in your mind as you begin to write and illustrate your picture storybook.

Make notes and keep your observations fresh in your mind as you think about how you might write and    illustrate your picture storybook.

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