Hiding the Bone

Level F, 1, 2
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Buster looks for a place to bury his bone. Will the bone remain safely hidden from other dogs in the neighbourhood?

Watch the episode all the way through first. 

If you would like to pause at different times to talk with your child about what they notice about the positional language used in this episode, watch the longer play version of the video at the link at More Information. It signals pause points and presents prompts and questions. It also suggests activities you may like to explore after watching the episode. 


Ideas for using this resource

After watching the episode, you might like to do the following activities with your child:

  • Talk about the meaning and give examples of the following words: beneath, next to, over, between, toward, beside, up, on, underneath, above, below, behind, in front, under, on top of, next to, inside, clockwise, anticlockwise, forward and backwards. 
  • Place a toy in the room and ask your child to describe the location of the toy, using some of the words you have talked about.
  • Hide a toy from another family member and with your child talk about and write down directions to help the family member locate the toy.
  • Notice the positional and directional/navigational language you and your child or others (e.g. television or book characters) use throughout a day.

Key Ideas: Directions may include both locational and directional/navigational language. When walking with your child to different places, support your child to understand that people give and follow directions to and from a place, and that this involves turns, direction and distance. 

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