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Ayo ke pesta! (Let’s go to a party!) - Year 8 Indonesian unit of work

Level 7, 8
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This Year 8 Indonesian unit of work is designed to engage students through innovative use of technology, strategic use of High Impact Teaching Strategies and meaningful opportunities to learn and use Indonesian language. It is based on the Victorian Curriculum: Indonesian (7-12 pathway) and includes the unit planner and all teacher and student resources required for the lesson sequence (13 resources in total).

In this unit, students work together to plan a celebration, discussing possible dates and times, as well as needs and preferences relating to food and drink, quantities required and making plans with friends.

The unit culminates in a celebration of learning with a class ‘party’ which will allow students to share work created throughout the unit.

The 13 resources in this package include:

Indonesian Unit Planner - Year 8 Ayo ke Pesta 
Ayo ke Pesta  Unit Overview and Resources Powerpoint
Pre-test and Start of Unit Reflection   
Class Survey Activity
Lesson 4 Pulse Check
Lesson 7 Pulse Check 
Exit ticket – Time Markers
Exit ticket - Quantities
Glossary - Telling the time
Glossary - Party items and quantities
End of Unit Reflection and Self-Evaluation
Rubric - Oral Tasks
Rubric - Writing Tasks 

Ideas for using this resource

- The unit planner is comprehensive and provides the HITS alongside the learning activities. It would also be a useful starting unit for Year 8 and a textbook alternative (as a way of organising your own units and moving away from coursebooks).

- The Teacher Powerpoint provides all the audio files and links to quizzes/Quizlet/videos in one place.

- The resources for student goal setting, reflection and exit slips/pulse checks give the students a starting point with the language they need to articulate their reflections. 

- The glossary of grammatical terms is handy for students to stick in their books for reference.

- The range of activities and products are meaningful and engaging to students at this level.  

- The total number of lessons/weeks could be adjusted based on varying lesson lengths at different schools. There is flexibility for certain learning intentions/activities to be emphasised or extended, to respond to students’ needs for reinforcement of particular content or to explore areas of interest more deeply. Similarly, there is scope for students in need of extension to adopt an inquiry-based approach, allowing them to move beyond the key language presented in the unit. 

- There is scope within this unit to revisit or consolidate concepts from Year 7.

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