HITS Trauma Informed Factsheets and Resources

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A suite of resources (Fact Sheets, FAQs and quick tips) to support teacher's classroom practice with a focus upon engagement, wellbeing, readiness and continuity for learning in children and young people impacted by bushfires and other community level trauma.

The selection of resources in this suite have been developed to assist teachers in their teaching practice. These resources will help teachers to feel confident in their knowledge and use of evidence-based strategies known to assist the re-engagement, wellbeing and learning of their students.

Ideas for using this resource

These resources are designed to support your classroom practice and professional learning discussions, strengthening the use of effective strategies.

The resources provide tailored guidance for classroom trauma-informed approaches aligned to the High Impact Teaching strategies known to be most effective in supporting learning engagement and readiness. They can be used as part of PLCs and in other professional learning and instructional contexts to support reflection upon existing teaching practice.

The resources are designed to assist with deepening proficiency in trauma-informed application of High Impact Teaching Strategies.

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