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Digital Demons - Playing by the Rules Cybersafety Program

Level 9, 10
The Digital Demons – Playing by the Rules program began with an introduction day at the MCG attended by more than 100 Year 9 students from across the state. Demons players Jack Watts, Lynden Dunn and Jared Rivers joined the discussion about how young people and elite football players can behave safely and responsibly online. Students identified the most important issues surrounding cybersafety for young people and began discussing the actions they could take in their schools. This event was followed by two web-conference sessions hosted in the Department’s Virtual Conference Centre. In the first session, SATs collaboratively developed a survey of 15 questions. Over a fortnight period SATs surveyed their school community including their peers, teachers and parents. In the second session, SATs analysed the data collected and its potential implications. The program finished with a celebration day where students worked collaboratively to develop and present the ‘Playing by the Rules’

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This package could be used to facilitate a cybersafety program within schools.

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