eLearning Leadership

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Ensuring information communication technology (ICT) is used to enable improvement across all aspects ‚Äčof school activity is challenging. These materials are designed to assist principals and ICT leaders to plan for the effective use of ICT in their everyday practices to improve learning, teaching and administration. 1.What do we have? (PREPARING) 2.What do we need to do? (PLANNING) 3.Putting it into action (IMPLEMENTING) 4.Is it working? (EVALUATING) The challenge for schools is to create engaging, supportive learning environments and opportunities that stimulate, extend and deepen student learning. These environments should incorporate seamless use of the technologies students use so ubiquitously in their daily lives. Planning needs to take into account the infrastructure and technologies available and the emerging digital technologies of today's and tomorrow's students, and to develop appropriate and targeted strategies to support improved learning and teaching.

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