Maths L3-4: Self-directed learning activities

Level 3, 4
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This resource package contains a set of self-directed learning activities that can be provided to students in the form of a Word document or as a printed workbook. Activities are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F-10. These resources are designed for teachers, who are encouraged to modify/adapt resources to suit their classroom context.

Looking for student active, problem solving maths activities for online learning?
The Maths Online page offers a range of activities for students from F-10 and beyond. There are additional supports, tips and strategies for teachers to be effective in remote learning, problem solving activities from the people at Maths300 and MAV (RIME), and Hands on Maths for the primary year levels by Top Ten Maths Resources.


Online maths activities from FUSE

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These materials have been provided for Victorian students’ educational use during the COVID19 outbreak.

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