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Aboriginal Australians have lived here for over 40,000 years. In 1788, the First Fleet of European settlers arrived in Australia to begin new lives in a new place. What was life like for Aboriginal Australians before, and after, this colonisation? What did the settlers and the indigenous people think of each other? Who are the prominent people and events remembered from this period? Find out with this resource package.

Ideas for using this resource

Ask the following questions as you access these resources:

- What was life like the Aboriginal Australians before colonisation?

- How is Captain James Cook remembered by history?

- Which items were necessary to create a European colony in Australia?

- How did the arrival of the First Fleet change the Australian landscape?

- Why were members of the First Fleet so interested in documenting the natural features of Australia?

- How would you feel if you were like Sally Morgan, and your cultural heritage had been hidden from you?

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