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Giochiamo Insieme! Let’s Play Together!

Level 3, 4
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In this unit, consisting of 10 one-hour sessions, students will learn and use Italian to play a range of games.  They will learn the language needed to invite someone to play a game with them, to take turns, to ask and answer questions and apply their knowledge of numbers in Italian. They will be able to form basic sentences using verbs in the I and You form. They will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of gendered nouns in Italian and their corresponding definite articles. Students will be exposed to different texts that explore the rules of games and the language needed to play them. 


Ideas for using this resource

This unit is quite practical and the topic based on numbers/mathematical concepts is great as it would be engaging for students. Language is useful and relevant and can be transferred in many varied situations and contexts. The supporting resources work well and it's a very practical resource for teachers of Italian.

This unit is organised into 10 one-hour sessions, the number and length of the lessons could be varied to suit the learners and the learning context.

For example, some shorter consolidating lessons could also be included to revise the games learnt.

Through this unit, students will be working towards being able to:

- use Italian to interact with each other in a game;

- engage with different Italian texts and follow the language in a sequence of events;

- use the Italian present tense and simple formulaic phrases to make comments and ask questions;

- recognise that Italian has its own rules for pronunciation and grammar;

- read independently;

- vary their responses by combining sentences, phrases or words.


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