Visual Arts

Creating Exhibitions: Behind the scenes at the NGV

Level 9, 10
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Explore “behind the scenes” of exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). Discover the ideas, planning and communications that go into the design and display of an exhibition. Learn about the diversity of roles and responsibilities, skills and abilities required to work as part of the NGV team in the presentation of an exhibition. Meet the Exhibition Manager, Senior Curator of International Art, Senior Exhibition Designer, Senior Publicist, and Head of Conservation and Manager of Marketing. Respond to questions on the Interview notes as you listen to these NGV experts speak about their work. Apply your new learning to organising your own exhibition and/or to explore exhibitions you view.

Ideas for using this resource

Use the resources in this package to:

  • research the role of an exhibition team to learn more about the display and exhibition of artworks in a major public gallery;
  • consider how curatorial methods, design, conservation, marketing and media can influence your understanding of the artwork;
  • discuss the presentation and relationships of artworks in an exhibition, and how the display enhances the relationship between the artist and audience;
  • document experiences and observations from visiting an exhibition;
  • apply knowledge of exhibitions to develop a physical or virtual exhibition of your own or others’ artworks.

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