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FISO Case Study - Smooth transitions at Bass Valley Primary School

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FISO dimensions:

  • Building communities
  • Building practice excellence 

Bass Valley Primary School's six-month pre-Prep 'Ready, Set, Go!' program was implemented to address low-level literacy and numeracy skills, lack of opportunity for early childhood education and difficult transitions into school. The program has also helped to build parent and community engagement.

A 'What's Working in Victorian Schools' case study of how schools are using the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) to improve student outcomes. 

Ideas for using this resource

Discussion prompts:

  • How would you describe the oral language skills of your students?   
  • What skills, knowledge and attitudes would you like students to have on entry to Prep? 
  • What early interventions are in place in your school? 
  • How could you engage with parents in your local community to support them to have a positive impact on children's oral language/vocabulary development in the crucial years before they come to school?

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