Critical and Creative Thinking

Joanna's Trip - Critical and Creative Thinking Assessment

Level 5, 6
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A set of assessment tasks have been developed to support teachers to assess student learning in Critical and Creative Thinking.  These assessment tasks cover Levels 1-10, and are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum. There are a total of 26 assessment tasks. Each task is to be completed by the student individually.

Here is an example of one assessment task for this level. There are three components for each assessment task:

  1. an administration guide outlining an approximate time required, instructions about introducing the task and any preparation that may be required
  2. student materials which includes the questions and the stimulus materials. There is no assumed content knowledge related to the stimulus.
  3. a marking guide providing details about the scoring range for each question and examples of how students have responded to the question.  

The tasks are designed to be used ‘on-demand’, so schools can chose the day and the time to administer the tasks.   

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