Does it make sense?

Level Early Years, F, 1, 2
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Sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Learn more about how our bodies work and the five senses.

Ideas for using this resource

In conjunction with the themes covered this resource package, educators and parents may consider some of the following activities and ideas:

  • Fill up jars with different scents and have the children cover their eyes to guess the smell: Banana? Soap? Potato chips? Does it smell like something to eat? What is the children’s favourite food smell?
  • Fill up containers with different items. Have the children cover their eyes and identify and describe their textures: Rough? Smooth? Soft? Hard?
  • Conduct a taste test using sour, bitter, sweet and salty items. How many could the children identify?
  • Create a group concept map of things the children can see, hear, smell, feel and taste over the day.

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