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Sommerville Secondary Digital Story

Sommerville Secondary Digital Story
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As part of the Innovating with Technology research trial, our project was to apply ICT to help students improve their critical thinking skills during the persuasive writing process. Whilst technology tools such as Clickview and Spellodrome were used, this research report analyses the use of Intel’s Showing Evidence tool as a means to determine improvement in students’ ability to create a claim, apply evidence to the claim and evaluate the quality of the evidence. The research is based on five Year 9 teachers across six Year 9 English classes consistently using the same ICT approach.
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AusVELS: Level 9, AusVELS: Level 10
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ACMI, Clickview, ICT, Innovation With Technology, Intel’s Showing Evidence Tool, Spellodrome
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The digital story is a reflection by the students and teachers on the process and outcomes of using ICT to develop critical thinking skills.The student performance results were improved. At the commencement of the project only 7% of the students were assessed as proficient. By the end of ICT mediated period, 62% of the students were assessed as proficient.

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