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Expedition: Burke and Wills - State Library of Victoria

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Lesson plans and teacher resources on the Burke and Wills Expedition, drawing on the extensive collections of primary sources at the State Library of Victoria. This package is presented as in PDF and Word format, to allow teacher adaptation.
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AusVELS: Level 7, AusVELS: Level 8, AusVELS: Level 9, AusVELS: Level 10
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Australia, Becker, Burke, Expedition, Explorers, Exploring, Outback, Royal, Society, Survival, Victo
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This package includes 18 VELS-aligned, activity-based learning programs, designed by the State Library’s Education Programs team. They may be used individually, or form the basis for an integrated unit on the Expedition.
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Expedition: Burke and Wills Introduction
Introduction to the content and resources for the Expedition: Burke and Wills package produced by the State Library of Victoria.

Expedition: Burke and Wills Lesson Plans
Lesson plans and worksheets produced as part of the Expedition: Burke and Wills package.

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